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Need Your Graphics Card Repaired?

We are specialists in graphics card, motherboard and macbook flexgate repair. We offer specialised levels of work that others don't. Get in touch today!


At Joshi Repair, we work on every device as if it were our own. Every device is approached in a professional and thorough manner whilst keeping you updated every step of the way. We have been working on graphics cards, desktop motherboards and general electronics for over 4 years now. Our happy customer base has been built through our website, YouTube and eBay.

motherboard socket repair
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macbook flexgate repair
motherboard socket repair

MacBook Flexgate

Backlight turning off at a certain point of opening the lid? Many MacBook Pro models ranging from 2016 - 2018 suffer from this issue. Newer models may suffer from artifacting and pink lines across the screen also known as the dustgate fault.

Graphics Card GPU Diagnostics

Our speciality. We've repaired over a thousand cards with faults ranging from blown components, shorted voltage rails, damaged BGA connections, cracked PCIE tabs and much more!

Motherboard Socket Replacements

BGA work is a walk in the park

for us. We've removed & replaced hundreds of PCH chips, sockets and many other speciality parts on these boards. High quality tools, and experience are what sets us apart.


London, United Kingdom

+44 7861415048

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