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If you're interested in a repair, please fill out this form. Thank you.

Thanks for submitting! We’ll get back to you with a quote soon.

What Happens Next?

1) We will get back to you as soon as possible (1-6hrs) after you submit your form including information about the repair and a quote for your device with the address for you to ship it to. 

2) Please make sure your device is fully assembled so we may test it once repaired. Package well so you don't cause further damage to any parts. Also have your order number on the outside of the box so we can more easily identify it.

3) Once received, diagnostics will be performed with a follow up shortly after confirming if you'd like to proceed with the repair. You will be informed of any further costs including any replacement parts required at this point. Some repairs may require the replacement or removal of parts during the diagnostic process.

4) After the repair is complete, you will receive an invoice which will include the final half of the payment for your repair. Once paid, your device will be shipped back to you via Royal Mail.

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