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Very high quality flux for BGA reballing and repair. We use this for large GPU and motherboard socket BGA packages. Activates, wets and evaporates at the right time. 

ALPHA® OM-338-PT Fine Feature, Zero Halogen, Pin-Testable Lead-Free FLUX

PriceFrom £10.00
VAT Included

1. Refrigerate to guarantee stability
@ (1-10)C, (32-50)F
2. Shelf life of refrigerated paste is 6
months from the manufacturing date.
3. Paste can be stored for 2 weeks at
room temperatures up to 25oC (77F)
prior to use.
4. When refrigerated, warm-up of
paste container to room temperature
for up to 4 hrs. Paste must be 19C
(66F) before processing. Verify
paste temperature with a
thermometer to ensure paste is at
19C (66F) or greater before setup.
5. Do not remove worked paste from
stencil and mix with unused paste in
jar. This will alter rheology of unused
6. These are starting
recommendations and all process
settings should be reviewed
7.Temperature working range (on the
stencil): 19°C – 32°C

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