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Product Description:

Condition: Grade A - Brand New


Grading System:

Grade A: Pristine and Functional, Fresh from the Box

  • Embrace the excellence of an item that's brand new, straight from the manufacturer.
  • Absolutely no visible physical damage or defects present.
  • All components are entirely intact and operating flawlessly.
  • There are no indications of corrosion or excessive wear.
  • Every port and connector is in impeccable working order.
  • The item is immaculate, both in appearance and maintenance.

Grade B: Fully Operational with Slight Cosmetic Flaws

  • This item remains in full working condition, ready for use.
  • Minor surface scratches or scuffs might be present.
  • Small cosmetic blemishes are evident, but they don't impact the item's functionality.
  • All components are complete and fully functional.
  • No signs of corrosion or excessive wear.
  • After cleaning, there could be some residual flux, which won't affect performance.
  • All ports and connectors are functioning well.

Grade C: Operational with Noticeable Cosmetic Imperfections

  • Encounter an item that maintains its operational functionality.
  • Noticeable scratches, scuffs, or minor dents might be visible on the surface.
  • Cosmetic imperfections are present; any potential impact on functionality will be elaborated in the listing.
  • There are no signs of corrosion or excessive wear.
  • A light flux residue might remain after cleaning, which won't hinder performance.
  • All ports and connectors are in optimal working condition.

Grade D: Mostly Functional Despite Visible Wear

  • The item is operational, and functionality specifics will be detailed in the listing.
  • Visible cosmetic damage, like large scratches or dents, may be present.
  • All components are operational and ready for use.
  • There are no signs of corrosion or excessive wear.
  • After cleaning, a faint flux residue might be observed, which won't affect functionality.
  • All ports and connectors are operational.

Grade F: Non-Functional - Perfect for Parts or Repair Only

  • This item isn't operational due to significant motherboard issues.
  • Components might be damaged, absent, or malfunctioning.
  • Visible signs of wear, corrosion, or physical damage are evident.
  • Several ports or connectors may not be functioning as intended.
  • Suited for salvaging parts or repair purposes exclusively.
  • Due to its non-functional state, refunds and returns are not accepted.

100% New SIC653A SIC653ACD SIC653ACD-T1-GE3 QFN Chipset

VAT Included
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